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Photograph: Peter Belden

Galilee Harbor Community Association

Accepting Applications for a Berth Available in a Marine Service Harbor

• Applicant must own the vessel and live aboard full time.

• Berth Dimensions: Length 33 ft, Width 15 ft, Draft is shallow.

• Low income household only. (Based on HUD 2022 maximum annual income limits for Marin County.)

• The applicant must be actively engaged in maritime service. (Marine industrial, commercial, marine historic or 

   institutional activities.)

• Selected applicants will meet with Galilee Harbor members for a personal interview. A membership vote will

   select the final candidate.

• Must be willing and able to participate in cooperative activities in the

   marina, including performing work hours to maintain the harbor.

• Must comply with GHCA bylaws, and City and State requirements.

There is no waiting list, and membership applications are considered as berths become open. Your application must be complete (including information about your boat) in order to be considered.


Interested applicants are encouraged to participate in Galilee-sponsored activities such as work days and special events. Contact the office or check our blog to find out about upcoming opportunities. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Contact the office for more information on becoming a member.

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